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Ionad Cúram Leanaí An Spidéal

Page history last edited by Bogha Ceatha 9 years, 8 months ago

Ionad Cúram Leanaí An Spidéal 


An Spidéal,

Co.na Gaillimhe.





Seirbhís Pairt Ama   (Part-time service)

Seirbhís Lán Ama    (Full day care)

Montessori trí Ghaeilge     (montessori through irish)

Seirbhís roimh scoile   (before school)

Seirbhís tar eis scoile   (After school)


Is seirbhís trí Gaeilge a chuireann an Ionad ar fáil do pháistí óga

Is seirbhís cúram Leanaí é Bogha Ceatha do pháistí ó 4 mhí d'aois go 14 bliania d'aois.

Bíonn Ionad Cúram Leanaí An Spidéal nó Bogha Ceatha oscailte Luain go hAoine óna 8 go dtí 6. Bíonn muid dúnta ar lá saoire banc agus don Nollag agus ar feadh seachtain i mí Luanasa.


(Bogha ceatha provides a service through the medium of irish. We provide a service for children between 4 months and 14 years of age.  We are opened five days a week from 8 till 6.  Closed Bank Holidays and for Christmas and one week in August)



Tá roinnt seomraí san ionad againn.  (We have a number of rooms in our facility) 

1. Seomra do na páistí faoi blian d'aois  (Children under 1)

2. Seomra do páistí idir 1-2  (Children between 1-2)

3. Seomra do páistí os cionn 2 bhlian d'aois  (Children over 2)

4. Seomra Montessori / tar eis scoile  (Montessori and after school)

5. Seomra Spraoi taobh istigh  (Indoor play room)

6. Seomra Bia agus cistín  (Kitchen and dining room)


Ait spraoi taobh amuigh (Out door play area)


Pairc ar chúl an t-ionad  (Garden at back of building)


If you have any questions in relation to our new service please contact us on 091/897851 


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