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Norah Coyne from Connemara Healing is now running a Healing clinic on Saturdays in Bi Iontach Main St Spiddal and will be available for appointments from 12 January 2012.

ANGEL GUIDANCE PRACTITIONER Norah Coyne * Aura Cleansing * Card Reading * Chakra clearing * Psychic debris removal * Etheric cord cutting * Psychic attack removal * Shielding techniques * Meditation * Automatic writing * IET Integrated Energy Therapy *Energy Healing *Angelic and Spiritual Aromatherapy * Facilitated Meditation and Visualization

Appointments: 087-0563411 norahcoyne@aol.com


Scoil na dtaibh-ealaíonn do 4—12 mbliana

Féin-muiníneachfriotal cruthaitheach spraoi
(Self confidence, creative expression & fun)


DramaíochtCeol & Damhsa

Sathairn @ Coláiste Chonnacht, An Spidéal


Tearma nua ag tosnú Sathairn 14 Eanair/ New term commencing Saturday 14 January 


Tuilleadh Eolas anseo  nó www.SpiddalStageSchool.com 





Ranganna Aclaíochta le Christine Cox

Step/Shape & Tone, Circuit Training & Bootcamp.

Tuilleadh eolais anseo nó ó Christine@ 087 1210277



Blathanna do gach ocaid 091 553003


Coláiste Chroí Mhuire, Ceolchoirm Bhliantúil 

Beidh ceolchoirm bhliantúil Choláiste Chroí Mhuire ar siúl i Seanscoil Sailearna ar an Déardaoin an 8ú Márta 2012. Beidh réimse iontach tailline le feicéail ó dhaltaí na scoile idir agallaimh beirte, sceitseanna, ceol tradisiúnta agus ceol rac. 'Sé téama an Cheolchoirm i mbliana ná 'Conamara mo Ghrá' agus tá na daltaí ar bís a mbród agus a ngrá dá gceantar a léiriú don saol mhór! Ticéid le fáil ar €10 do dhaoine fásta agus €5 ar ghasúir ach glaoch ar 091 553113. 




Are you interested in growing your own food

Join GIY An Spidéal 

For more information please call Liz on 085 7693388 or email giyanspideal@gmail.com.  


Natural Health Solutions with Niamh O'Neill

 Naturopathic Consultant, Field Control Therapy, Quantum Healing


I am passionate about helping people find the best health possible by working with them to overcome any blocks to good health such as poor diet, toxic inputs and emotional issues.
I offer Field Control Therapy which uses bio-resonance testing to detect where there might be problems in the body and what is causing them. Remedies similar to those used in homeopathy are then given to help to resolve those problems. I also practice Psych-K which helps people to resolve any subconscious issues to moving forward such as low self esteem and I am studying Quantum Healing with Julie Williams in Dublin which I offer at a reduced rate.

To make an enquiry or appointment please call Niamh on 087 2177099 or email niamho_neill@yahoo.com


Spiddal Photography Club meets in An Crúiscín Lán in An Spidéal once every month. It's for beginners and professionals alike and is a chance to meet like minded people.

For further information contact Caroline at 085 7883531 


ABAIR AMACH É offering Seirbhísí Gaeilge :

  • Cursaí Gaeilge do Dhaoine Fásta

  • Dramaíocht trí Ghaeilge

  • Réiteach d’agallaimh Ghaeilge (Irish Interview Preparation)

  • Dianchúrsaí Gaeilge do lucht ardteiste (Intensive Irish Courses for Leaving Cert Students)

  • Dianchúrsaí Gaeilge d’ábhar múinteoirí agus do mhúinteoirí (Intensive Irish Courses for Student Teachers and Teachers)

Tuilleadh Eolais (More Information) Máire @ 087 7794919 or http://www.abairamache.com

RnaG Agallamh (interview) Iris Aniar: Déardaoin 03 Meán Fómhair 2009: Abair Amach É 


Margadh Cois Fharraige gach Deardaoin ó 1 i.n. go 6:30 i.n. sa Spidéal

Country Fair every Thursday from 1pm to 6:30pm in An Spidéal. 



The Galway School of Boat Building has finished this years project, a 16’ clinker sailing curragh which they built from scratch. 


If you'd like to see how the build progressed from start to finish, you can see a record of the weekly progress here. 


If you are interested in the group activities please contact Jim on 091 592521.




Career Consultant available for Career Guidance and Counselling, Interview Techniques for all age groups. Study techniques, Career Planning, Subject Choice for 2nd level students. Contact 086 2329830 for more information.



Don't forget to look at the comments section below & feel free to add to them or you can send me the info here and I will post it to the site on your behalf.



About An Spidéal Wiki 

An Leabharlann (Library) 

Comhlacht Tuismitheoirí Scoil Éinne 

Ranganna Ealaine agus Ceardaíocht

Scoil Éinne 

Taxi (Heaicní) 
Ionad Cúram Leanaí An Spidéal 
Abair Amach E 
Spiddal Stage School
Naíonra Chonnacht 
Richard Abrahams Coaching Services 


Cead Pleanála (Planning Permission) 
Grow It Yourself GIY
Photography Group 
Cumainn Seoltóireacht (Sailing Clubs)

Chomhlacht Forbartha an Spidéil

Céline, Holistic Therapist 
Fathers for Equality and Justice
The Galway School of Boat Building  



If you know of any events happening in the An Spidéal area or have any comments, you can send me the info by clicking here and I will post it to the site. 


If you wish to join this wiki and add comments or information yourself, it is very easy and FREE. To do this, just click Request Access on the righthand side.


Má tá fadhb ag éinne nó aon ceist faoi an suimh seo, seol teachtaireacht chugam faoi.

If you have any queries or concerns with this website (or problems signing up), please send me an Email and I will be happy to answer your questions.







Comments (1)

Mary said

at 4:16 pm on Jun 10, 2011

La Spraoi/La Spoirt Scoil Einne. Beidh ar gcéad Lá Spraoí againn ar an 19ú Meitheamh 2011. Tá muid ag bráth ar chúnamh ó na Tuismitheoirí . Beidh cúnamh ag teastáil uainn ó gach tuismitheoir / Caomhnóirí ar an lá. Beidh an lá briste sios le seisiún ar máidin, lár thráthnóna agus tráthnóna. Má tá suim agat cúnamh a thabhairt leis an Lá Spraoí, glaoigh ar Mary. Is féidir libh nios mó na seisiún amháin a dhéanamh más mian libh.

Sports/Funday at Scoil Einne. Our first Sports/Funday will be held at Scoil Einne on the 19th of June. We need help from all of the parents on the day to make it a success. The day is broken into 3 sessions and you are free to volunteer for one or more of these. If you wish to volunteer, please call Mary at 087-264-5023.

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