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Fathers for Equality and Justice

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Galway Bay fm


Community forum text


Families Fathers and Friends are organising a competition for ‘The Best Dad’ as nominated by their children. All they have to do is nominate their Dad stating why they think he is the best dad in the world.


The entries should consist of 50 words and less and can be sent by email or text to Galway Bay fm and should be in by 18 of June 2009.


The prizes are a 'Garmin Satnav’ system for Dad and ‘Nintendo DS 1’ with full accessories pack and 2 games for the winning entry. 


6a Joyce House, Tuam Road Retail Centre, Tuam Road, Galway

1890 55 44 33/ 091 752355 info@fathers.iewww.fathers.ie





Galway Bay Baycaster will be visiting the offices of Families, Fathers and Friends on the 19 June 2009 from the hours of 12 noon till 3pm to help celebrate the forthcoming Fathers Day. The office will be holding an open day for the public providing information on its services. Face painting, balloons, lollipops and refreshments will be provided. Supermac’s is sponsoring goodies on the day.


Interviews with local deputies Padraic Mc Cormack, Noel Grealish will be broadcast and local councillors Michael Crowe and Brian Walsh will attend the open day.


First 50 visitors to the Baycaster will receive Glenbrae crested golf tee shirts



Questions for interviews


What in your opinion is the importance of Fathers’ Day to a normal Irish dad?

How important is the role of fathers in the modern everyday life

How do you think fathers are perceived in today’s society

Do you think Fathers get the same respect as their fore fathers did? If not what in your opinion has been the reason for the lack of respect given to fathers

How can fathers be better portrayed as decent parents

Are you aware of the lack of rights and the differentiation in law where unmarried and married fathers are concerned

What, if any, provisions are made by the State in taking care of the general and mental well being of fathers when things go wrong in a relationship

Do you think creating awareness of the issues confronted by fathers would benefit the public in general? In your opinion, how can this be achieved

In the media there have been reports of children as young as 12 becoming mothers and fathers. How in your opinion can such issues be best addressed

Do you think Families, Fathers and Friends have had any positive role to play when dealing with men’s issues in the past and how they can achieve more in future




‘Families, Fathers and Friends’ is the new registered business name for ‘Fathers for Equality and Justice’ and will be used as such in all promotional material and provision of services 


We are looking for more volunteers to join this valuable organisation





Thanks Richard

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