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Cead Pleanála (Planning Permission)

Page history last edited by An Glór (Jenny) 12 years ago

The planning legislation requires that all planning applications are accompanied by a public notice on the roadside of the site as well as a notice in the newspaper. However, with the modern pace of life, people often drive past these notices without reading or even seeing them and don't get to read the newpaper cover to cover every week. As a result, these planning notices often slip by unnoticed unless someone explicitly points them out. This page can be used for just that. If you become aware of a planning application notice in the area (through a road side notice, a newspaper notice or even one you have submitted yourself) that you think others may be interested in, you can add a comment below.


The actual planning applications and related documents (plans, objections etc.) can be viewed online through the Galway County Council website at







Comments (3)

An Glór (Jenny) said

at 10:15 pm on Oct 20, 2008

Comment posted by Scott Anderson on 17 Oct 2008
"Having walked out the Spiddal Road towards the New Pier the other day I noticed a Planning notice to the west of the river and on the seaward side of the road seeking planning permission to build in the woods. My first thought was ‘how sad that this area should be spoiled’. Thext I thought ‘how can this be?’ Then I thought ‘why not if it is tastefully done, there is plenty of room and I believe the owners have done a lot for the village and they have good taste.’ I would very much like to know what is planned and in this day of the internet it should not be hard to find out but I am not a Google aficionado and this is probably outside my knowledge.

Once home, a search of Google for Spiddal showed that there had been a reaction to the original request for land rezoning but approval was given. So the land use as Residential has been approved.

I now wonder if there could be a facility on your site for displaying notices for planning applications, rezoning requests? This could be to the advantage of the applicant and also to the community as many people are not aware of these sort of things until they are a fact and it is too late. Also often it is the fear of the unknown that causes concern. These planning applications are usually in Irish, which excludes a number of people who either can not read Irish, and are a bland statement of fact. Perhaps we could stretch to some form of artists impression or art work as submitted.

Out of interest herewith a photo of the planning application.

The objections to rezoning can be found at; www.galwayindependent.com/local-news/local-news/spiddal-residents-hit-out-at-residential-zoning-of-local-woodland/"

An Glór (Jenny) said

at 10:21 pm on Oct 20, 2008

The application that Scott refers to above appears to have been submitted on 11 Sept 2008 and to date has 2 Submissions - Observations (Objections). All the related documentation (application, plans, site map, objections etc.) can be viewed at http://www.galway.ie/ViewPlanningDocuments/ReposITPlanningDocs.aspx?RefNo=082704

Scott Anderson said

at 5:25 pm on Dec 9, 2008

Hello Folks,
I believe that I initiated this Folder a while ago so feel I can comment on it.
I see that there has been no opinion or addition to it since its first issue. I now wonder if anyone is getting any value from it.
Perhaps it should now come off and make way for something more stimulating around the community.
What do you think?

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